Happy November 11th ladies and gentlemen, feeling sad and lonely? Today is the only day you can officially be it.

Single’s day is almost as essential as Valentine’s day. I personally think singles day is awesome. Instead of focusing on your partner and their needs, singles day is for you and you only. It is a great way to embody loneliness and be proud of it.

As a single woman myself recently becoming aware of this very day, I started taking singles day as a me day; a day where I do what I want to do, when I want to do it. In our guidebook, you don’t specifically need to be single to enhance single's day and its factors and benefits. See it as a charging point to get ready to be your warm comfortable self in the upcoming holiday season. Leave all the things behind.

Matter of fact, singles day is self care and a much needed me-day, so in this post, we’ll uncover the small things you might want or need with you in this day long journey, because simple matters.

1. Some cozy pants... and a cozier blanket.

I know, cliche. You saw it coming but you can’t disagree unless you LOVE being cold and heartless. Since singles day is all about being single and happy, blankets and cozy socks are a must to prove yourself you do not need anyone for warmth in this life. Not with cotton, fleece and/or wool.


Fortune Throw - Ani Studio


2. A nice candle.

Now, this can be an earthy scent to ground yourself on this day of peace with oneself, or you can go for a sweeter option and fill your heart with candied vibes. Just make sure to set the vibe according to your mood, and create the ambiance of your dreams. A little factor like the smell of your area can do wonders!


Nr.7 Amber-Sandalwood Jar Candle - Ladiesse


3. Your entertainment of choice

Maybe you’re a Netflix person, maybe Hulu or maybe even youtube. Maybe you prefer a book, or perhaps like me you enjoy scrolling on tiktok for hours. Whatever you want to do, singles day self care does not have to be productive. If you’re going to entertain yourself and chill, you need the perfect background noise, or the perfect romance movie. ps. personally, some days I enjoy crying to romance movies now and then. It’s a single person thing anyway... right?

4. Tea vs. Hot chocolate
This one... is a hard one no? Wrong. Go with the hot chocolate. It’s the season, and some chocolate won’t hurt your soul on this special day for yourself. Let go of your worries and stop overthinking; you will fit into those pants tomorrow no matter what. ps #2; some of you people might even prefer a nice cocktail or
a glass of wine, this option is also supported by me. You deserve it if you’re desiring it.


Wood Glass Tumblers by Komodoty


5. Lastly but most importantly, some blue light glasses.

Stay with me here ladies and gents, it makes sense. Being single comes with GREAT side plots. You can randomly follow a hot guy on instagram, stalk their tik tok and find out what they do for a living, or what they like and not like. Singles day does not require you to be single, so you can technically play around
with the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend and maybe even...end up with one by the end of this self-care journey. Grab your phone and get lost in the awesome, fun and fresh 21st century media. Ladiesse is right by your side.

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