Hello dear reader, today is all about giving thanks; this post is exactly that. What do you have to be grateful for? 

Aside from all the classic things like family, friends and awesome food, this year I can't help but be thankful for Black Friday. I mean come on, retail therapy is the best therapy of this season. So many of the sales have started everywhere and it’s only a matter of time the good stuff will be in stores and stocked. Personally I’m more than ready to raid my favorite stores' sales, and maybe even treat myself to some extras. 

Speaking of favorite stores, Here’s some of my favorites from LaDiesse’s Black Friday collection with up to 50% off. Buckle up ladies!





Basic Pleasures Short NAIA 

Let’s talk beige. A lot of people have been rocking the neutrals and street style fits around lately, so this is a good item to mention. NAIA’s Basic Pleasures Short speaks for itself, and the sweatshirt you’re seeing it with is also on sale :) so cop the fit as you’d wish, I’m finding the simple basic pleasure by pairing the two together...






Ewina Jacket Walter Baker   

Now, when I tell you this next jacket you’re seeing knocked my shoes out, I mean it literally. This year, I am thankful for this jacket, and you should be too.
From the color and the leather puffer, to it’s cut and fit, Ewina Jacket by Walter Baker is everything I wish for this Holiday season. Plus, it looks warmer than my favorite blanket, yet gives the bad*ss rock vibes, that’s saying something.



This piece is now on sale and waiting for you. I repeat ladies, IT'S WAITING FOR YOU.





Aura Set NAIA  

Let me say something. I love a good “ look at my fit” piece. This set is that and more. It’s energetic, eye grabbing, and can be paired with some light colored jackets and a set of high heels for an immaculate day outfit. What can I say? NAIA did it again.







Luna Jumpsuit LOE 

Taking chic to an extra level, this jumpsuit was also one of the wins of my raid. LOE’s Luna Jumpsuit is effortlessly Gorgeous and fall time is the your last chance to throw this one Piece on with a light cover, and go on with your daily life. You could even pair it with a contrasted earthy tone and turn it into your thanksgiving outfit! (TBH. I might take my own advice with this one.)






Shuuk Oversized Knitted Turtleneck 

Speaking of Thanksgiving fits, I know there are some sweater lovers out there and I can't blame you, so this one's for all of us. This oversized coziness would be impossible to not mention, considering the off white contrasting along the edges and the hem. It comes in this gorgeous camel color, and the classic black, It’s on sale; so... go on! 





Signing off, I hope you have a grateful Thanksgiving, and wish you good luck on your Black Friday raids. You can shop LaDiesse’s Sales right here.



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