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Trends of Fall 22’; A Fashion Week Reflection from LADIESSE
Now that it has been almost 4 weeks since NYFW happened, most of our socials have started to calm down on the commentary. The feedback from the 2022 NYFW so far is very positive, and in fact, this year’s organization was the most talked about since forever. The attention it received from social media is insane, and of course we’re always thrilled to see what the people think, so this is big for Ladiesse.
Keeping that in mind, our collaborations with a broad range of styles and brands feature these very exact trends for the fall season:
Vogue Pants in brown- NAIA Siena Pants in plaid- GRISETTE
It is officially fall season, which means the weather is getting colder and trends are coming in. Fall time reminds us of action; It’s when things start to pick up right where they left off before summer, school and work gets busy, people get more social yet busy and stressed out more than ever.This stress might be due to many reasons. In this case, let’s say, one of the things bugging you is having to pick a chic, unique and attention grabbing but also comfortable outfit every single day before you go to take care of your daily to do’s.
Our collections can be your answer to this struggle, just keep in mind we’re just a click away. Here in this blog post, are some of our favorite pieces for the busy fall days that start early and end late. Whether it’s for school, work or just a day out, these pieces can complement your style as well as help you get rid of the stress of having to pick out a good outfit. Let us handle that for you.
Sherpa Denim Jacket - SHUUK Silk Camp Shirt - CHARM BY ARIN
One of the biggest comebacks of our generation is denim. The Sherpa Denim Jacket by Shuuk for inspiration for instance. Not only is it very much in-style, but it also gives you the look of a denim jacket with a hint of coziness added in from the plush sherpa panels. The oversized fit being the modern fit of our time, is also a plus when it comes to pieces like this.
Another statement piece that we’ll mention, is the Silk Camp Shirt. Although the red might come off bold, it is exactly what you’re looking for, according to the very shows of the Fashion Week last month. The relaxed fit is just an extra, and the piece can be styled as a jacket as well as a blouse alone. 
The pieces and styles that were talked about the most after NYFW mean a lot to our team, meaning the collections are carefully picked and styled just for your closet of the 22’ fall and winter season..
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