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All of the special gifts, for all of your special people.


The stress of getting your gift list done and figuring out what you’re going to get for each of your special loved ones is the realest, most low-key kept rush of the season. It’s almost like nobody cares for the stress of gift shopping during this season, perhaps because they know they’re going to be receiving some back. LOL. Since the fall transition is over and holidays are on and going, it is only fair to get some help on gifting. In this guide, I'm here to make gifting easy, and give you the biggest smiles when your gifts are unpackaged. (and shhhh, Ladiesse has new collabs and items that will be featured in this very entry<3)

I mean here’s the thing, it’s impossible to make everyone happy at the same time right? Wrong. Here’s how I prove you wrong.


I don’t know about you, but one thing I will not give up on for gifts is chocolate. Ladiesse’s new collaboration with the 2013 Good Food Award Winner RAAKA Chocolate, might be the best thing I’ve seen this month. There are so many flavor and size options, as well as bundles to include multiple types of chocolate. COME ON. What other type of sweetness can someone ask for on these cold winter days? ( ps. The best selling bar is called the Bourbon Cask Aged Raaka Bar. You’re welcome ;))


Speaking of chocolate, It would be cruel for me to not mention the coffee collaboration that is offered in Ladiesse’s Non Binary Collection. Brown Shots Coffee has an interesting outtake on coffee roasts; from Chocolate Hazelnut to Ethiopia Natural, to Caramel and Cinnabon, these roasts are the perfect gift for your coffee lover loved ones. If you know someone that’s down to try new coffee flavors, you’ve got this year's gift ready!




Although moving on from food is upsetting, don’t worry I still have some items that will get you as excited as chocolate and coffee can. One of my favorites is the Mindful Affirmations Cards from Intelligent Change.These cards are designed to boost self love, motivation and mindfulness as well as to enhance self love and self care. A genuine gift for your genuine friends, and a great gift for the New Year's season.



Now, personally there’s always a block when it comes to picking out gifts for my father, or even my grandfather, my boyfriend, my guy friends etc... These card games are an easy way out, and they make the gift receiver feel very special, because who else is going to gift them games? CRATED WITH LOVE ensures your bellies hurt with this dad jokes game with over 100 dad jokes that are so bad that they are good.





A good gift is also the one that lasts. With a burn time over 35 hours, Ladiesse candles not only will gift your person a great ambiance and great aromas for their space, but it will also make them feel cozy and think of how great of a person you are during the cold winter days and nights. My personal favorite is the Nr. 7 Amber-Sandalwood Scented Jar candle, but yours is a mystery to find out. Check it out under Non-binary designs, or simply go to the search bar with the keyword “candle” :)




Lastly, for the tech heads, or perhaps for the antisocial teenager that can’t seem to stop listening to music, ANDAR's “The capsule” is the smallest and the cutest option ever. With 5 colors and the clip options, the capsule makes sure their beloved airpods will stay safe in some smooth waxed shiny leather. A chic case for the chic earbuds of our generation. Although it is impossible for me to stop giving you gift recommendations, I do have to stop and let you browse on your own. Shop more gifts here & hope you and your gift receivers are happy with the outcomes this year. Signing off and looking forward to the next time we meet!

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