A Halloween Feature

Spooky season is undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of fall. As soon as October is marked on our calendars, parties and events start to fill our agendas, and the rush of ideas for fits fill our heads.

We now present you, pieces at Ladiesse to inspire you to go all out this year for Halloween, and of course the upcoming party season of November.

All Disco shirt by NAIA

Right here, we have the All Disco shirt by NAIA. Whether you want to turn this look into a costume, perhaps a modernized version of Belle from The Beauty and The Beast, or a party appropriate Elsa from Frozen, The All Disco shirt is the perfect little piece to show off your confidence and draw all the attention to yourself. We suggest you pair this piece with a shiny belt on the waist, and a set of knee high boots to compliment the drama.

Maybe you need a little less attention, but still want to slay the event you’re going to this year.

Lola Robe from NIGHT AND MILD

No worries, With the Lola Robe from NIGHT AND MILD, you can catch that effortless, flowy look, and turn this simple yet stunning piece into a *lowkey costume* such as a hippie groupie from the 70’s or go as simple as an angel with the right accessories.

Speaking of accessories, don’t forget to take a look at our Non-Binary Designs collection, where we feature the best of our collabs with brands that create the perfect accessories and pieces for any occasion, including halloween.

A piece worth talking about, and can be a great representative costume for a native like look, as well as a go to throw on piece that is very special, is the Sun Age Grey Black Poncho. We suggest you take a look at the description under this product, since The unique collection brings the sun to 4,603E9 years old and its powerful energy. Definitely worth taking a look at, and of course very worth taking it into your wardrobe, due to its high quality style. 

Sun Age Grey Black Poncho

Lastly, we want to touch on a very simple yet important piece for one of the most popular looks of halloween this year. The prisoner costume is definitely one of the most repeated yet iconic costumes this year for men. In our opinion, this look is incomplete without an eye grabbing chain. Thankfully, LaDiesse can take care of that for you, for future references. The Curb Chain by RAFTAF, is exactly what your orange jumpsuit needs, to shine and get all the attention at your costume party.

The Curb Chain by RAFTAF

We know... you’re welcome!

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