Olympos Pistachio Halva: A Rich and Savory Greek Treat Made with Authentic Ingredients and Expert Care - 14.11 oz / 400gr by Alpha Omega Imports

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Fulfilled by our friends at Alpha Omega Imports

The Greek Halva as its best!

Experience the rich and savory flavor of authentic Greek halva with Olympos Pistachio Halva. Imported straight from Greece and made with the finest ingredients, this halva is a true treat for the senses.

Based on the same traditional recipe that has been used since 1949, Olympos Pistachio Halva is crafted with expert care and attention to detail. Its creamy and smooth texture is bursting with the aromatic and nutty flavor of pistachios, making it a perfect choice for those looking to indulge in a sweet and savory snack.

Whether you're looking to add some gourmet flair to your dessert spread or simply want to satisfy your cravings, Olympos Pistachio Halva is sure to please. So why wait? Add a touch of classic flavor to your pantry today and discover the delicious taste of Greece with Olympos Pistachio Halva.

INGREDIENTS: Tachini (ground sesame), glucose-fructose syrup, Pistachios, palm oil, chowen extract, vanillin.

ALLERGENS: May contain sesame, fruits with shells and pistachios

STORAGE: Conditions of preservation or use. Keep in a dry and cool place.