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Wood OnePlus Case by Komodoty

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OnePlus 11

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OnePlus 11 wood case rosewood by Komodoty

Real Wood Cases for OnePlus

Our Komodo cases feature a unique construction that includes a Kevlar layer and two slices of wood, all of which are expertly hand-finished with wood wax oil and varnish for ultimate protection and durability. Choose Komodo for a phone case that's both stylish and long-lasting.

Please note - OnePlus 9 is only available for models LE2110, LE2111.

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Why choose a Komodo case?

Premium Wood Design

Experience the beauty of nature with our Komodo cases, featuring elegant wood designs crafted with exquisite precision. Reinforced with kevlar for unmatched strength and protection.

Naturally Unique

Embrace the individuality of nature with every piece of wood boasting a unique pattern and grain. No two cases are the same, making each one a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


Our slimmest wood case, measuring only 0.8mm thick, showcases the artistry of wood in its natural form. The hot pressing technology used to mold the wood slices onto a kevlar layer results in an ultra-thin, textured solid wood case.

Reinforced With Kevlar

Our use of kevlar ensures strength, durability, and resilience without interfering with your phone's signal. The additional layering maintains the case's elegant appearance while providing ultimate protection.


Crafted with "FSC Certified" wood, our Komodo phone cases are environmentally conscious, socially beneficial, and economically viable, meeting the highest standards for responsible forest management.

Advanced Technology

Our Komodo cases are made using high-quality hot pressing technology for precise accuracy and full functionality of your phone's features.

You Order We Plant A Tree

Join us in protecting the planet with every purchase. For every product bought, we plant a tree, ensuring a beautiful case that gives back to the environment.

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