Leda Hera Bags Tan

$520.00 USD

Why Buy Leda Hera Bags?

When you buy Leda Hera Bags, you're buying more than just a fashionable accessory. Because these bags are committed to offering you luxurious quality and unique style, which set them apart from average bags.

So, what makes these bags exceptional? First is the premium leather used in crafting these bags, ensuring their longevity and yielding an aesthetic that gets better with age. But not just that, the meticulous craftsmanship is distinct, presenting each bag as a clear statement of sophistication and chic style.

Each Leda Hera Bag has been designed with you in mind. Known for its practicality, each bag ensures that an individual can carry their essentials in style. There is no compromise on the fashion element. With diverse designs and styles in their collection, there's a Leda Hera Bag for every fashion-savvy individual out there. And because they perfectly marry style and practicality, Leda Hera Bags are your perfect daily companion.

Width 32 cm

Height 20 cm

Thickness 14 cm  

Materials & Care

Made of %100 genuine leather.
Please keep the product in a special cloth bag. You can wipe the leather parts with a damp cloth. Do not handle oil-based stains, the leather will absorb and destroy it over time. Protect Baby Calf skins from water and moisture. If a stain occurs, seek professional help.

Shipping Policy

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