Kate Handbag

$294.00 USD
"Katherine-Kate-Katy" collection gets its name from the wild character "Katherine" in Shakespear's "Taming of the Shrew" play. She refuses to be tamed to fit in the society .She needs to be free to be her authentic self. "Kate" is the medium size of the collection. The tulip shape of the bag represtens Istanbul where the brand is originated.
Materials & Care

High quality.
100% calf leather
Your Tara Folks accessory is made of soft full-grain Nappa leather that requires delicate maintenance and care to retain its soft look and touch. As contact with lacquer, perfume and anything containing alcohol and derivatives can cause damage.

Leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof, so avoid wearing your favorite Tara Folks bag in bad weather.

It’s common for leather to get scratches and spots over time from normal use. So please be careful while using your bag.

To care for your Tara Folks accessory, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe clean and have cleaned by a leather professional when needed. Permanent stains are not removable and should be left alone.

Always store your accessory in a cool, dry place and prevent items from being exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. Lastly, we recommend you to store your handbag in its original dust bag.

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