Beer Scented Candle by Gorilla Candles™

$17.45 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at Gorilla Candles™

There is no better way to end a stressful work day than by cracking open a cold one. As you drink away, you can't help but notice the amazing smell of hops. In your buzzed state of mind, you think “I should make a beer-scented candle!” Well, too late, as we beat you to it! 


  • The refreshing aroma of beer
  • No alcohol (unfortunately)
  • Will help you avoid a beer belly 

No matter the brand, style, or temperature you prefer we can all agree on one thing — beer is amazing. Not only does it make for a refreshing and crisp drink, but it also helps us feel calm and relaxed or it can provide you with the motivation you need to get your party on. Not looking to drink, but still crave the smell? Our beer-scented candle is the perfect solution for you!


  • Handmade
  • 100% non-toxic soy
  • Made to burn up to 40 hours 

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