RYDER ACT – Ladiesse


The designer is inspired by the metropolitan life… This inspiration; It combines the belief that sports should be a part of daily life. Determining the central starting point of the collection as "ACTIVE WOMEN AND STRONG WOMEN'S stance", the designer takes her motivation from the image of 'woman in every moment of life'. He draws inspiration from the 'moment' while using his sharp lines. Not only that… It combines the infinite interiority of imagination with the infinite space of the linear line forms it uses. In her assertive collection, which combines her passion for fashion with sportswear of an active woman image, she is particularly impressed by the "female stance". He expresses the extreme emotions attributed to the female character and the emergence of these emotions as a harmony in the whole, with “hard-lined geometric” sections, which are the most beautiful harmony of contrast. Bringing the elegant and assertive spirit of the strong woman to life with her design collections, the designer actually wants to give a simple but deep message to the whole world. “Woman is steadfast, stance.”