Theo & Philo Filipino Chocolate Bundles by Bar & Cocoa

$33.00 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at Bar & Cocoa

Try four dark or milk chocolate bars from Theo & Philo. Along with their single origin plain bars, Theo & Philo have a collection of flavored bars that are inspired by the local Filipino cuisine. Theo is short for Theobroma Cacao, and Philo is derived from the Greek word which means love. Their goal is to create masterpieces with each bite of their chocolate, which is carefully crafted to capture the bountiful heritage of the Philippines.

Dark chocolate bundle:

  • Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Calamansi 65%
  • Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Black Sesame 65%
  • Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Siling Labuyo (Chili) 65%
  • Theo & Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Green Mango & Salt 65%

Milk Chocolate bundle:

  • Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate Turon 44%
  • Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate Pili & Pinipig
  • Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate Adobo
  • Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate w/ Barako Coffee
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