Le Musée's mission is to make you the best version of you; shine and be your own muse. We bring you the latest fashion trends in the best shapes, premium materials and colors. For a “le musee” product, we harmonize the most elegant, premium silk fabrics with style with superior (almost couture) craftsmanship. Your product is produced in a fair trade/very ethical and creative environment without any pressure; with 5 days shipment time without rush. Although we have been working for international fast fashion brands for more than 10 years, we do not believe in fast fashion; We take our time trying to do our best. As a witness to all the environmental degradation in recent years, we wholeheartedly support sustainability and try to serve it. 90% of our fabrics and materials are organic (silk and viscose); our packaging materials are recyclable and we give 5% of our margin to WWF. Every day we are looking for new ways to serve better and your advice is always welcome.

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