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Pack your bags; we are going back to school.

Let’s set the scene. Summer break is over. You finally go back to the classroom. New books to read, fresh notebooks to write in, a gorgeous new backpack that you had your eyes on for ages: you are all set, ready to take on the world.

Do you remember that bag that followed you everywhere? Witnessed your first heartbreaks; almost peeing in your pants laughter? What did it look like? Were you a super organized pocket addict? Or did you throw everything in there for inevitable oblivion? Were you rebelliously grunge? Maybe you were a “girly girl”? 

Either way, you must have realized from an early age that your bag is a crucial hint of who you really are, a glimpse of your soul. You can say that it’s a close second to your Google searches. The size, the color, the style: all to tell the world what is important to you. Time to pick up your bag now. 


Shoulder bag, for the ones who take care of their people. 

If this bag reminds you of your mom, there is a good reason for it. The shoulder bag is for someone resourceful. Someone who can hand you tissues when you cry, give you sunscreen because you didn’t take yours as you chose to wear a clutch. The owner of a shoulder bag has total mom energy in the best possible way. You want to be a shoulder bag person or to befriend one ASAP. This is the bag that you can find the most cookies in. You didn’t hear it from us, but it’s the perfect time to get yourself a TULLAA bag that never goes out of style and is destined to hold all your cookies. 


Lady holding a blue shoulder bag.


Tote bag, for the ones who dream. 

Unapologetically messy, but in a cute, bohemian way. Evil sister to the shoulder bag, the tote bag is a delight for the free-spirited who likes a bag as complex as they are. Coupled with abstract illustrations or a movie quote, you want people to know they can have an exciting conversation with you. Except if you need to recharge, you’ll take your tote to the next available spot and daydream about a better life. You say tote; I say KUELA. These ones are going fast, and who can blame them, they are sublime. 


Cross-body bag, for the ones who are the life of the party. 

This one. What an invention. So simple, yet so crucial. Wearing a cross-body bag gives you a head start in a life full of adventures. You are not the one to say no to things, although you should probably work on that. In the meantime, you jump from one happening to another with an ease that would make a grasshopper jealous. It’s exclusive and confirmed intel that creators are OTRERA know how to convert someone to a cross-body person instantly. 



Clutch, for the ones who trust in life. 

If your go-to bag is a clutch, well done to your parents, they raised you well during those first years of school, or you have a great therapist. This small and compact bag entered our lives in the 80s and is for the ones who have trust in life. If this sounds like you, you have faith that life will make things available to you if you need them, so you don’t have to take anything with you: nothing to hide, all in for the ride. 




Your bag is who you are, so choose it with love. 

The relationship that starts in the classroom moves into the trenches of life. While you move through different phases, your bag witnesses it all, and it changes with you. In each stage of your life, you put inside everything you think is necessary to display your worldview. 

Whether you are a confident clutch person, an independent tote one, a caring shoulderbag darling, or vibrating with that cross-body energy, today’s the day to give yourself a gift. Choose it carefully; choose it with love. If you are indescribable and want to dig deeper on the soul search, find inspiration and other models at Ladiesse. 

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