Happy International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month ladies! Welcome back to the blog. The appreciation and attention that women of all kinds deserve can obviously not be shown in just a day, a month, or a blog, yet I’m here to try. Some might say the best way to show love and appreciation might be words of affirmation, or perhaps spending quality time together. I personally will let you come up with your own ideas for those methods since personal preferences and experiences may vary. Yet, what I am able to help with though, is the ones that like to show appreciation through gifts and giving. As you might’ve already realized if you’ve read any of our other blog posts, gift giving is taken very seriously around here. Not only that but also, women appreciation, women rights, women in business, art, culture and women’s empowerment are things that LaDiesse deeply and truly values. So, In honor of March 8th 2023; Here’s a list of ideas and gifts to give to women that you respect, love and cherish In your life. Starting off strong, an elegant handbag might just be THE statement you’re looking to gift to an elegant woman. Here is the Sukran Satin Mini Pillow Bag in black.

Now, to Keep it classic as well as classy, a slip dress can’t do you any wrong when gifting a woman. The Yumena Slip Dress by Marigold Shadows for example, with its V-Neck detailing and Mid calf length brings out the effortless gorgeousness of a woman and her power.

Of course, not all gifts have to be a statement and shiny. As a woman I can assure one of my favorite things to be gifted is wellness products. Specially crafted soap bars that make me feel like a baby, or lip balms that make my lips softer than freshly picked cotton; are small things I appreciate about being a woman.
Wellness products such as Sister Bees Goat’s Milk Soaps or their Beeswax lip balms may be the perfect way to show your care for the wellness of women in your life.








Following the wellness idea, another basic yet thoughtful gift can be the Koza Robe by DESIGN DEM. Nothing better than a gift that ensures cuddles, warmth and peace. Super light weighted, and effortlessly chic.

Lastly, it would be ironic and funny for me to not mention any jewelry pieces that shine in Ladiesse.

JEST DIAMOND’s Fever Ring, or perhaps the
Goddess Bracelet per example. The name speaks for itself. For all of your goddesses whether it is for your mom, your partner or your daughter. 


No matter what the gift is, it is important to remember to show appreciation through it. Happy International Women's Day to all you gorgeous Women! And hope you enjoy Women’s History Month & remember how wonderful it is to be a woman despite the struggles that face us.

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