Vinyl Wrap for PS5 Prosper by Boxwood – Ladiesse

Vinyl Wrap for PS5 Prosper by Boxwood

$50.00 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at Boxwood

Playstation 5 BARK SPECS
  • Actual Size of Vinyl will fit a Playstation 5
    • Boat and Automotive - grade laminated vinyl, designed for indoor and outdoor use, will resist tears, moisture, rips, and fading
    • Air-Free technology allows air to flow easily in all directions and snap-up and re-positioning when applied
    • Can last up to 5 to 7 years depending on UV exposure and usage. 
    • Hi-Res custom hand painted artwork
    • Protects and Enhances the look of your new or old PS 5 Pro or PS 5 Slim
    • Artwork available that matches your PS 5 Pro or PS 5 Slim
      • Removable with heat 

      Please note: It is recommended to use a hair dryer once applied, be careful to not over heat your PS 5. Refer to the VHS section for further details. There is no tutorial at the moment for the PS 5 BARK. However, in the meantime you can refer to the other ones there. In particular the Xbox tutorials will be a little more similar to the new Playstation 5

      Playstation 5 BARK "What's in the BOX?"
      • Includes: 1 PS 5 BARK, 1 squeegee
      • Indoor and Outdoor use
      • Made in the USA

      VHS Tutorial on How to Apply Playstation 5 BARK