Luxe Australian Sateen Bedding Bundle by Italic

$316.00 USD
$284.00 USD

Dive into Comfort with Australian Sateen Bedding

Fulfilled by our friends at Italic

Produced by a prestigious manufacturer behind the world's finest resorts with the same raw cotton, these far surpass your standard consumer-grade linens. Ultra luxe, naturally-softened Australian long-staple cotton is woven in a high thread count sateen pattern, resulting in an unimaginably indulgent silky feel. Designed to the highest specifications to last and soften through thousands of wears and washes.

Welcome to a world of supreme comfort and style with our Australian Sateen Bedding. Expertly tailored, this bedding bundle brings luxury right into your bedroom. Each piece is immaculately crafted, reflecting the rich tradition of Australian linen making.

Our beddings are made from the finest sateen woven fabric, ensuring a soft and smooth texture. These luxurious sheets are created for those who value comfort and style, featuring an elegantly streamlined look that complements any decor. The brilliance of sateen gives your bed a polished, high-end, and attractive finish.

But it's not just about aesthetics. We prioritize comfort and quality in our Australian Sateen Bedding. Hence, the luxurious feel and superior comfort, making your sleep a restful, rejuvenating experience. Its silky smooth touch against your skin is an indulgence you won't want to miss. So be prepared for numerous calm nights of deep, undisturbed sleep you've never experienced before.