Home fragrance Smudging Herb Yerba Santa Stick - 3 bundles (4-5") by OMSutra

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Fulfilled by our friends at OMSutra

Yerba Santa is Spanish for “holy herb,” so named by missionary priests who were amazed by its healing powers. This 100% natural smudge not only creates an uplifting scent but is also ideal to protect & purify both yourself and your environment. It is traditionally used as a smudge or incense to neutralize harmful energy and support healing ceremonies. It also has a history as an altar offering.

Yerba Santa is burned for its spiritual and medicinal properties. This evergreen smudge is grown & harvested by hand in California, where they are bundled into 4-5 inch-long smudge sticks with pure cotton string, perfect for smudging small and large areas alike, such as a single room or entire home. Its smoke purifies and protects.
It is used to purify one’s space or body and bring protection.


Smudging is a spiritual purification process that can be thought of as a cleansing smoke bath that involves lighting the bundle, gently blowing out the flame, and placing it safely in a fireproof bowl.

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