Desert Magic Sage Smudge Stick- Large Bundle (8") by OMSutra

$16.45 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at OMSutra

This thick and solid smudge stick is 8”-9.5” long. This sage is highly aromatic & burns slowly, enabling its woody aroma and smoke to carry its purifying properties throughout a room. Our bundles are hand-harvested in the environmental, sustainable & traditional Native American method.

Our high-quality High Desert Sage is known for its inherent qualities that are suitable for the spiritual and energetic purification of homes, meditation rooms, and people themselves.

It has a mildly bitter and woody aroma that is less bitter than the traditional white sage. While it is sought after for its many medicinal purposes, it is used as a smudging herb to clear negative energy, drive out evil spirits and induce sweating, among other purposes. Our desert sage grows wild at high altitudes in the United States.

It is used to cleanse one’s space or body, drive out evil spirits, and to get rid of negative energies.

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