Gülsün and Ali Öner, the creators of FAD Fashion Art Design brand, were born in two beautiful coastal towns of the Aegean.

While Gülsün Öner, the founder of the brand, continued to take part in many non-governmental projects after her administrative duties at the university, she realised the FAD brand with the concept of "Touch the Art" based on the designs of her fractal artist husband Ali Öner.

Ali Öner continues to work as the designer of FAD patterns by using a series of special design programmes and mathematical Fractal formulas in digital art, which has been continuing with exhibitions and biennials for many years in addition to his professional senior management. FAD Fashion Art Design has set out to colour your life by transforming its limited number of special patterns, which it designs as works of art in a period of time that corresponds to your tastes, into wearable, portable and touchable products, in addition to the fact that time and fashion trends are transient.

Vivid and striking colours in the designs, unusually assertive contemporary modern patterns and forms stand out as the brand characteristics of FAD.

All of the unique designs in the products belong to FAD. Designed in accordance with the brand concept and aesthetics and prepared through a series of transformations, the patterns are carefully printed by a professional team on high quality materials selected according to the area of use.

Focusing on the sense of touch, FAD has determined the accessories in our daily life such as Shawls, Scarves, Foulards, Pareos, Kimonos, Pillows, Pocket Handkerchiefs as priority products and other products will follow them.

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